What is Community Opera Fest All About?

Due to the complications with COVID-19, this summer's Community Opera Fest production is going to work a little differently! Instead of an in-person performance, our VCO orchestra and performers are going to record the score, led by our talented conductor Zach Daza, and it will be available to listen to on our website.

We're excited to bring you a brand new Community Opera Fest experience for 2020! This year, we formed a unified collective to create something entirely new together. In a collaborative process between creative minds in the community, we have created a timely and compelling new opera: Earth.

Earth tells the tale of a planet in pain, and brings up topics surrounding climate change with a multi-dimensional lens. The opera personifies the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Stars, and uses them as means for a conversation about responsibility, adaptability, and change.

The piece encourages the audience to take a look at how their own lifestyles and actions could be impacting the Earth in a destructive way, and hopefully, how we can work towards making our Earth a healthier place.

Earth will move and inspire you, and is a musical treat for the whole family. Make sure to check in on our social media platforms to see when COF is available to listen to!

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