What is The Dino Opera All About?

Sometimes the strangest combinations are the most magical: maple and bacon, florals and paisleys, laughter through tears, dinosaurs and opera!

The Dino Opera is an original story with music by Dylan Langan about family, adversity, co-existence, and, of course, dinosaurs! A chorus of dinosaurs introduces the prehistoric setting for the opera. We are then launched into the main storyline, which follows the adventures of Don Ornithischio and Iguanodonna, a couple of Iguanodon parents-to-be. Their egg is about to hatch, and they want to find a new home to raise their baby away from all the predators that live nearby. They embark on a journey to find this place, and along the way they enlist the help of an insecure Pterodactyl in order to evade a proud Tyrannosaurus-Rex. Throughout the journey, Iguanodonna and Don Ornithischio come into their own and find that they are ready to raise their baby and be the best parents they can be despite all the obstacles that they may face. Just as they find the beautiful place they imagined, they are thwarted by the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. A gang of Velociraptors emerges and challenges the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. As the argument reaches its climax, the egg hatches and the group sings about how even though we are all different, we all face struggles and overcome them, and the beauty of life is learning to co-exist with one another through the good times and the bad.

Librettist Michaela Chiste had this to say about the opera's creation:

"I would like to begin by formally apologizing to the paleontology community for making such blatant geological inaccuracies, for example, placing stegosaurs, iguanodons, and tyrannosaurs all in the same evolutionary time period. For the sake of fun and approachability, especially when presented to a children’s audience, I elected to use recognizable species of dinosaurs to star in the opera. I did my best, however, to maintain a playfully educational factor to The Dino Opera, and strived for as much scientific accuracy as possible."

"Lots of love and many chuckles went into the creation of this opera, and if you enjoy opera and dinosaurs as much as I do, hopefully it brings a little bit of joy and knowledge into your life too."

Don't miss this colourful opera for the whole family, presented as a double-bill with Rapunzel, also by VCO General Director Dylan Langan. The two operas are coming to Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph this February!

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