Introducing Our 2019/2020 Featured Artists: Camilo Rodríguez Cuadrado

Last season, we were so lucky to have Camilo Rodríguez Cuadrado as a part of our productions. If you saw Dracula and/or The Elixir of Love, you will certainly remember him for his beautiful singing and fantastic acting chops as Dr. Seward and "The Doctor" Dulcamara. We are proud to announce that he will be joining us once again this season, but this time, as one of our spectacular Featured Artists. Get to know Camilo in this interview to learn more about this talented and lovable baritone!

What's your story? How did you end up in the world of opera?

Long story short, I joined my University's choir as a side activity while doing a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. It was the first time in my life singing in a choir and I loved it. The following semester, I joined the University Conservatory in the voice program and as soon as my Engineering Bachelor's was done, I started a Bachelor's in Voice Performance. Five years later, I successfully applied for a Master's degree in Voice Performance in Canada, and here I am, so far so good!

What do you like about opera?

Opera is an amazing synergy of orchestral music, singing, acting, set/light design, costume design, sometimes dancing and stage combat, and more. It's a beautiful form of art that is such a joy to perform. Watching live opera is a wonderful experience, and being on stage performing it is just magical.

What has been your favourite project as a performer thus far?

In a certain way, I would say that my favorite project is always the present one. It is so fun and exciting to be part of a new production and keep working, learning, growing, and sharing with colleagues. It's great to live such a process every day and see how things start to improve and then the chance to share our work with the audience.

What are some of your other interests besides singing?

Nowadays, I have been very interested in psychology, and I spend part of my free time exploring a little bit about it. I also like to take walks surrounded by nature, read good books, make delicious food (and then eat it). I'm also learning how to play the bass.

Give us a fun fact about yourself!

I played guitar for several years and dreamed about having a rock band. I never knew that I would end up being an opera singer!

What drew you to be a part of Vera Causa Opera?

I heard about Vera Causa for the first time when auditions were open in spring 2018. From the very beginning of the audition, I was received with great welcoming energy and I found out quickly that I had the chance to be part of the 2018/2019 season. Being part of it was a fantastic experience and being invited for a new season was definitively fantastic news!

What are you most excited for in VCO's 2019/2020 season?

The entire season looks really exciting, but I'm certainly looking forward to the winter productions. Being able to play a T-rex and a King in the same night sounds like a treat! Well, I will also be playing an armchair and a tree in The Child and the Spells. Doesn't it sound like a very fun experience?

Thanks Camilo!

Don't miss seeing Camilo as The Tree/Armchair in The Child and the Spells, as The Father/T-Rex in Rapunzel/The Dino Opera, and in Community Opera Fest 2020.

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