Introducing Our 2019/2020 Featured Artists: Bree Horton

Bree Horton is an exceptionally bright and charismatic young mezzo-soprano. She joined Vera Causa Opera's community chorus for our production of The Fairies last November, and gave a memorable performance as Renfield in our February production of Dracula. We are thrilled to have Bree with us as a Featured Artist for 2019/2020. Check out this interview with Bree to get to know her before coming to see her perform in this season's shows!

What's your story? How did you end up in the world of opera?

I grew up dancing, and early on discovered my fierce love of performing. It took me many more years, cities, and mentors to discover opera, a medium that has allowed me to express myself and feel a real connection with the audience.

What do you like about opera?

I think of it as an extreme art. It takes everything: voices, music, emotion, physicality, to the extreme and is unapologetic.

What has been your favourite project as a performer thus far?

Working with VCO in Dracula was a major highlight for me. It was my first pant role, playing such an intense character, and was a great experience. It was also a pleasure to work with such a lovely and warm group of people.

What are some of your other interests besides singing?

I am an avid ocean kayaker. I grew up on Vancouver Island, and have a deep love for the ocean. My Dad and I go on an annual kayaking trip in a cedar strip kayak we built together! In the few years I’ve lived in Ontario, I have enjoyed exploring the back country with my partner, Joel, and look forward to many more outdoor adventures in our future! At home, I love baking and reading.

Give us a fun fact about yourself!

I once dislocated my shoulder while on stage, finished singing the opera, then went to the hospital!

What drew you to be a part of Vera Causa Opera?

My initial experience with Vera Causa Opera was so welcoming, I wanted more opportunities to work in such an enjoyable atmosphere and with such a fabulous orchestra!

What are you most excited for in VCO's 2019/2020 season?

Iguanodonna. Enough said.

Thanks Bree!

Catch Bree as The Child in the The Child and the Spells, as The Mother/Iguanodonna in Rapunzel/The Dino Opera, and in Community Opera Fest 2020.

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