Get to Know the VCO Chorus

One of the most important skills as a musician is knowing how to work together in a group to create something extraordinary, and nobody knows how to do it better than our super-talented chorus. We interviewed Sophie Feng and Rebecca Chapeskie, altos, so that you can learn more about the unsung heroes of Vera Causa Opera!

Tell us a little bit about your musical journey. When did you start singing?

Sophie: I sang in school events back in high school, and later on in the church worship team. But growing up, I always enjoyed singing. My first chorus experience was with VCO in the opera Le Villi in November 2018. Dracula was my first musical experience.

Rebecca: I have been singing in choirs all throughout elementary school, high school, and university.

What is it that you like about singing?

Sophie: I feel I’m truly a free spirit when singing. I can be truly happy.

Rebecca: Singing and music-making is the one way I feel able to come out of my shell and interact enjoyably and meaningfully with others. Nearly all of my friendships and experiences of community have been forged in a musical context. When our voices meld together, there is an instant connection – even if we don’t know each other or what we are singing about.

What are you doing when you are not singing?

Sophie: I listen to music, dance to the music, play my piano and cello, watch movies, or try out new recipes. I go to other shows and concerts whenever I have time.

Rebecca: Trying to remember what the next note is and how many bars of rest I have.

What is it like to sing with the VCO Chorus?

Sophie: I get to see how different talents work together towards one goal: the final performance, and how the shows are actually produced from zero to one. I can see everyone is happy about what they are doing, even if they need to rehearse again and again. It’s just amazing to see when a group of people focus 200% of their effort on one thing to make it happen. When you’ve seen all this, then it’s worth much more than a ticket.

Rebecca: It is intimidating and nerve-wracking and exciting and just plain fun all at once!

What do you like about VCO?

Sophie: I like the idea VCO makes the opera more accessible to the community and provides platform for local artists. It is an outlet for people to liberate their passion and souls from their ‘normal’ life and contribute to what they really enjoy.

Rebecca: I’ve never felt like a “good singer,” but here dedication and commitment and enthusiasm are enough; you can just give whatever you have. People of all different levels come together and encourage each other. It is an amazing way to be part of something that I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity to be part of.

Thanks Sophie and Rebecca!

The VCO Chorus will be appearing next in our April production of The Elixir of Love. Grab your tickets today to catch this talented bunch in action!

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