Get to Know Our 2018/2019 Featured Artists: Jorge Trabanco

If you came to see The Fairies, you probably had your socks knocked off by the clean and powerful baritone voice of Jorge Trabanco, who starred as Guglielmo. Jorge is one of Vera Causa Opera's two amazing featured artists for the 2018/2019 season. We interviewed Jorge so that our audiences could get to know the man starring on the VCO stage all year a little better.

Tell us about how you came to find yourself in the world of opera.

Everything started with my young brother who was a choir singer and who I used to follow everywhere, watching his concerts. The maestro of the choir one day came to me and inquired why wouldn’t I join the choir and sing with them instead only watching. I thought he was kidding, but I accepted the invitation anyway, and even knowing nothing about classical singing I think I caused a good impression in the audition because one month later I was debuting as a soloist in Mozart's Vesperae Solennes de Dominica at the city’s Cathedral. My love for music just grew up from that point on and city after city, country after country, one thing led to another until I finally settled on opera as my profession, and nowadays I could not be any happier with my job!

What is your favourite role you have sung so far?

My favourite role is always the next one I am singing. There is nothing better than discovering all the potential of a new role and having lots of fun living it on stage. Every character teaches you something new, and for me it is impossible to pick just one.

What is your dream role?

I do not have a dream role. However, I dream about still having roles to sing when I get old and to look back and see a lifetime full of many different roles and experiences.

What do you like to do when you are not singing?

If I am not singing, I am probably swimming or playing video games (killing you on Fortnite) as a good nerd! Or maybe designing a new board game!

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

When I was a kid, according to my parents, I used to dance in every restaurant I would go in, and order to get a free pop drink! (I don’t remember that.)

What do you like about Vera Causa Opera?

The friendship and the professionalism united. A great director, staff, and orchestra, all together in an environment free of inflated egos or drama! We surely have fun while making good music!

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the 2018/2019 season?

Is hanging out with the cast and orchestra after each rehearsal a good answer? Otherwise, the world-premiere of Dracula, the Opera would do just fine.

Thanks Jorge!

Catch Jorge in the title role of Dracula this February. We are certain he will be absolutely spectacular!

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