All About Canadian Opera Fest 2018

WireService Press Release - (04/23/18)

This year at Canadian Opera Fest, we are featuring two new operas by two emerging Canadian composers: Padajuća Zvijezda by Julijana Hajdinjak and The Covenant by Dylann Miller.

Padajuća Zvijezda - Julijana Hajdinjak

Set in a celestial kingdom, Padajuća Zvijezda is a Croatian tale of two lovers living in a world where love has become outlawed. The punishment for those who love is banishment to Earth- a dishonourable world lacking the beauty of the galaxy. An opera of passion, justice and optimism, Padajuća Zvijezda explores the power of human emotion and how it can change the world.

Sung in Croatian and English.

Music by Julijana Hajdinjak and Libretto by Julijana and Danijela Hajdinjak.


Melina Garcia Zambrano as Aurelia

Philip Klaassen as Stelo

Allison Walmsley as Luna

Domenico Sanfilippo as Solaris

Katerina Utochkina as Astra

The Covenant - Dylann Miller

Witches, lesbians, priests, and mailmen- The Covenant is an opera about empowering women to embrace their true selves from the perspective of a teenage girl in a small town.

Sung in English.

Music by Dylann Miller and Libretto by Midori Marsh.


Allison Walmsley as Cate

Chad Quigley as Father Andrew

Kimberely Rose-pehfany as Keira

Autumn Wascher as Delaney

Stephanie O’Leary as Lilith

Sam Rowlandson-O’Hara as Cate's Mother

Melina Garcia Zambrano as Lucinda

Edward Larocque as the Mailman

Mike Fan as the Baker

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