Top Four Reasons Your Kid Will Love Little Red Riding Hood

Thinking about getting your tickets for VCO’s kid-friendly production of Little Red Riding Hood, but aren’t sure whether or not your kid will enjoy opera? Here are four reasons why we think little Timmy would have a blast at the show:

1. It was created specifically with your little ones in mind!

Written by our very own Artistic Director Dylan Langan, Little Red Riding Hood was designed to be an introductory performance to the world of opera using a familiar story combined with a new medium. It’s shorter than most operas (clocking in at just under an hour) and includes several examples of opera conventions to help introduce kids to the different style of singing.

2. VCO is a relaxed and welcoming opera environment.

We know that kids can be squirmy and excited when it comes to live performances, and traditional opera settings are a little stuffy. At VCO we believe that opera is for everyone - including kids! We also believe that part of making opera accessible is creating the right environment in which the audience can feel the most comfortable. Our staff are accommodating and our performers are professionals. We take audience engagement as a huge compliment!

3. Little Red Riding Hood is a unique learning opportunity for children who don’t have any opera exposure.

In opera, dramatics are combined with orchestra and classical singing to help tell stories that we know so well. If your child has never heard live operatic singing before, then they are in for a treat! The operatic style of singing combines hundreds of years of classical vocal technique and the historic tradition of singing unamplified in order to create a sound that is truly unique in the soundscape of our modern world. Opera transports you to a different time with both sound and visuals.

4. Opera is fun and engaging!

The magic of theatre is what draws the avid theatre goers and the casual thespian alike. Opera doesn’t have to be “ride or die: Wagner or bust”. It can be fun, playful, intriguing, startling, moving, and exciting all at the same time. Listening to recordings pale in comparison to hearing the singers and orchestras live. By attending a performance of Little Red Riding Hood you are not only in store for an entertaining and educational music experience, but you are also supporting young local musicians from the K-W region.

If this hasn’t quite convinced you yet, or you have any questions about our other educational initiatives at VCO, please feel free to email me at We hope to see you in February!

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