Why Every Emerging Artist Should Have A Website

Get a Website

It's vital to have a website. Some professionals will disagree with getting a website too early in one's career, and there are very good reasons for that advice. First impressions are everything.

So why do we say you should have a website?

Even if you are just starting out, you never know who will want to get ahold of you. You should have a well-indexed SEO (search-engine-optimized) site in your name, even if it only contains a landing page with a Contact Form, your picture, your name, and your discipline. That simple page is the best digital first impression you can make. It ensures that, if anyone wants to contact you, they can. Make sure your contact form is setup so that it forwards any submissions to an email you currently use. If not, people will think that you've ignored them, and that can have devastating effects on your image.

You control the information, and can put all the facts on the table. How you present yourself in today's digital world is quintessential to your success in the real world. We agree with those who say "first impressions are everything" which is why we've written an article encouraging you to create a simple website, and thereby make a great first impression (digitally).

"I search everyone online before I hire them: it's common-practice for employers these days. Given the choice, I would much rather see a sleek, honest website than an... unprofessional video." - Dylan Langan, Artistic Director, Vera Causa Opera

If you're unsure about whether or not to include something on your site, take a week or maybe even a month to think it over. Ask a close friend for their opinion. It's better to stay simple and err on the side of caution when building your first website.

People will begin to take you seriously. A personal Facebook profile is not a professional showcase, nor a professional way of communicating with someone. If you want to be taken seriously in today's professional landscape (and we know you do), invest in a simple, quality website. Potential opportunity-givers can see all your information clearly in one place, and can contact you effortlessly. Good websites are now also key to successful grant applications and other funding requests..

One of the biggest and often understated benefits of having a website is that it helps you reflect on your development and your career. Your website is your digital public image. What have you achieved? What are your strong-suits? What are some highlights of your development so far? What would you like to be able to include on your website in a year's time? The desire to add credentials and experience to your digital image can compel you to train harder and achieve your goals in the real world. By the way, let us know if we can help you achieve those. We give opportunities to emerging artists from a wide variety of disciplines every year.

We hope this article helped you kickstart your online presence or gain some perspective on the subject.

If you want to immerse yourself in opera, whether your artistic discipline is directly related or not, just let us know. Either way, get out there and achieve!

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